Maldives’ Best Known Coffee Brand, Nescafe’ Launches Exciting Promo Video with Skyrock!

Maldives’ best known coffee brand Nescafe’ has launched an exciting new promotional music video.

The video, which features local band Skyrock, has rapidly gained popularity. The song is an improvised version of an all-time favourite song featured in an introductory Nescafe’ television advertisement produced in the 1990s.

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Featuring incredible vocals by Mira and Faffu, presented by local band Skyrock, the song offers a taste of modern music with a few changes in the lyrics.

One of the most renowned coffee brands in the world, Nescafe’ has been around in the Maldives for a long time. As avid coffee drinkers, the lives of our populace is inextricably linked with this brand, one that is seen on the shelves of almost every household even now.

Nescafe’ is imported and distributed in the Maldives by Lily Enterprises.

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