Maldives Bureau of Statistics Initiates Recruitment for Census Trainers

The Maldives Bureau of Statistics has commenced the recruitment process to hire trainers capable of instructing individuals in disseminating information regarding the 2022 census at the atoll level.

After an eight-year gap, the Statistics Bureau conducted the 2022 census in the Maldives from September to October last year. On March 30 this year, the bureau released the census data.

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The Statistics Bureau is now looking to assemble a team of 20 trainers proficient in atoll-based training. Their role will involve facilitating the distribution of census information to the atolls and providing guidance on its application at the island level. Eligible candidates can submit their applications to the Bureau by November 2, 2023.

In preparation for the 2022 Census Dissemination, a three-day training programme will be organised for the selected trainers. Following this, a two-day training programme will be conducted in the atolls as directed by the Statistics Bureau.

Participants in this task will receive allowances for their training and working days. The allowance will be granted upon completing training and subsequent work.

Eligible candidates are invited to submit their applications via The Statistics Bureau’s official website by 2 p.m. on November 2, 2023.

The census is a national initiative conducted every ten years and is aimed at gathering essential information to evaluate the state of the country and aid in planning future projects. Notably, the 2022 census collected data from businesses and working agencies, distinguishing it from previous editions.

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