Maldives Celebrates Top Honours at Japan’s Marine Diving Awards

The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/ Visit Maldives) proudly announces that the Maldives has won prestigious accolades in Japan’s Marine Diving Awards 2023. The island nation secured 3rd place in the “Best Area Overseas Division” and 2nd place in the “Best Overseas Destination I Want to Visit for the First Time” categories, demonstrating continued recognition as a premier diving destination by Japanese diving enthusiasts.

Marine Dive Fair is Japan’s foremost diving exhibition with over 50 years of history. The Marine Diving Awards are decided through online voting by divers across Japan, with rankings announced after a six-month voting period. This 32nd edition of the awards holds significant value for experienced divers, those wanting to take up diving, and industry professionals.

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The awards ceremony will be held in April at the Marine Diving Fair 2024 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Top destinations, diving shops, and instructors across eight categories will receive recognition at the ceremony.

The Maldives is world-renowned for its rich marine biodiversity, with 5% of the world’s coral reefs and more than 2,000 marine species. Notably, it’s one of the rare places where manta rays and whale sharks can be spotted throughout the year.

Japan is an important market for Maldivian tourism. While it was the ninth top market pre-pandemic, recent figures signal a resurgence. From January to March 2024, 9,333 Japanese tourists visited the Maldives, a substantial 310% increase from the same period last year. Japan currently ranks 15th for tourist arrivals in the Maldives.

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