Maldives Census Report 2022: One Foreigner for Every Three Maldivians!

The recently released Maldives Census Report 2022 provides valuable and extensive insight into the population and housing trends of the island nation. The census reports that the total population of Maldives is 515,222, out of which 382,751 are Maldivians and 132,371 are foreigners. This implies that foreigners account for 26% of the population — a ratio of roughly one foreigner to every three Maldivians.

The resident population is classified into four distinct categories: Male’, administrative islands, resorts, and industrial islands. Approximately 41% of the resident population inhabits the capital city of Male’, whereas 46% resides in administrative islands. Only 10% of the population lives in resorts, and a mere 3% lives in industrial islands. Despite being a prevalent tourist destination, the number of people living in resorts is relatively small.

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Furthermore, the census report categorizes the resident population based on their location in various atolls. Addu City has the highest population among the atolls, followed by HDh Atoll. The smallest populations are present in Vaavu Atoll and Faafu Atoll, which are 1% and 2%, respectively. Seenu Atoll, also known as Addu City, has a population of 25,053, making it the most densely populated atoll.

The Maldives has undergone significant economic development recently, primarily with a focus on the tourism industry. The data from the report can aid policymakers and businesses in gaining a better understanding of the population distribution and housing requirements in the country. The high number of people residing in administrative islands suggests that infrastructure development in those regions is necessary.

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