Maldives Customs Clears 78 Tons of Produce for Ramadan

Maldives Customs Service announced the expedited clearance of 78 tons of imported fruits and vegetables in a single day, ensuring timely availability of essential goods in preparation for Ramadan. The streamlined process was carried out under the direct supervision of Commissioner General of Customs Yoosuf Maniu.

Ramadan, a period of fasting and reflection for Muslims, typically sees a surge in the consumption of various food items. The swift clearance of these imported goods will help meet increased demand and maintain market stability during the holy month.

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Customs officials worked diligently on Friday, between 15:30 and 20:00 hours at the commercial harbor, to facilitate the release of the perishable commodities. Included in the cleared shipments were high-demand items such as potatoes, tomatoes, papaya, bananas, watermelons, cucumbers, and mangoes.

The State Trading Organisation (STO) has played a crucial role in maintaining price stability by importing these Ramadan staples in bulk quantities and subsequently releasing them into the Maldives market.

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