Maldives Customs Discloses Seizure of Over MVR 31.7 Million Under Anti-Money Laundering Law

Maldives Customs Service data has revealed that a sum exceeding MVR 31.7 million was seized over the past six years under the Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Act.

In response to a query from Maafannu Medhu MP Ibrahim Rasheed last year, the customs department provided figures detailing the total amount of money seized since the enactment of the Act in 2014. The information was presented in parliament today.

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The disclosed figures include the yearly breakdown of seized funds in various currencies, totalling MVR 31,772,807.56 over six years.

The highest amount seized was in 2018, amounting to MVR 17,324,371.68, followed by the second-highest in 2017 with MVR 5,157,934.02.

Yearly details of the seized funds are as follows:

  • 2015: MVR 1,343,462.24
  • 2016: MVR 2,879,122.48
  • 2017: MVR 5,183,340
  • 2018: MVR 17,363,054.6
  • 2019: MVR 2,849,654.24
  • 2020: MVR 2,154,174

Customs has confirmed that the seized funds will be handed over to the police for investigation, as per standard procedure.

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