Maldives Customs Service Reports a 3% Increase in Import and Export Revenue for September

Maldives Customs Service has reported a 3% increase in import and export revenue for September 2023 compared to the same month last year.

In September 2022, the state earned MVR 350 million from imports and exports, which increased to MVR 360 million in September 2023.

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While revenue has grown, the total number of imports and exports has decreased. Imports in September 2023 were valued at MVR 4.3 billion, down 3% from MVR 4.4 billion in September 2022. On the export side, the country saw a 43% decrease, with exports worth MVR 86 million in September 2023 compared to MVR 149 million in September 2022.

The top import contributors in September were Oman, India, the UAE, China, and Singapore. Oman accounted for goods worth MVR 883 million, India MVR 681 million, the UAE MVR 500 million, China MVR 406 million, and Singapore MVR 406 million.

Regarding exports, the Maldives primarily shipped goods to Thailand, the UK, France, India, and Germany in September.

The number of ships arriving in the Maldives in September 2023 increased to 103, up from 88 in September 2022. Similarly, 105 ships departed the Maldives in September 2023, an increase from 92 in September 2022.

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