Maldives Customs Tighten Control: Tracks Safaris Transporting Alcohol, Pork

Maldives Customs Service has introduced a regulatory amendment requiring the installation of tracking devices on safaris transporting alcohol and pork products. 

The amendment, ratified on February 29, was put into effect on March 15.

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The decision comes as part of the Customs’ ongoing efforts to enhance monitoring procedures for the movement of goods and vessels. In 2018, a comprehensive set of regulations was established to oversee the transportation of goods and vessels under Customs jurisdiction. 

Initially, tracking devices were solely installed on vessels permitted to venture beyond official harbors, as well as those transporting alcohol and pork items to designated destinations.

With the recent amendment, Customs has extended the requirement for tracking devices to additional categories of vessels. These include safaris carrying alcohol and pork products, vessels authorized to anchor safely in local harbours, and local vessels transporting goods to vessels under Customs supervision.

Customs officials affirmed their commitment to overseeing the movement of vessels mandated to install tracking devices, ensuring compliance with the amended regulations.

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