Maldives Customs Unveils Cutting-Edge Automation for Air Cargo

The Maldives Customs Service has taken a significant leap forward in its operations by launching the AirCargo Automated Customs Clearance System, a move aimed at dramatically enhancing the efficiency of cargo clearance processes.

Ali Ihusaan, Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, officially inaugurated the new system at a special ceremony. The event was marked by the presence of key figures, including the Commissioner General of Customs, Yoosuf Maniu Mohamed, and was highlighted by the Minister’s commendation of the collaborative efforts that made this advancement possible. He specifically lauded the management of the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) for their cooperation.

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During the ceremony, Minister Ihusaan expressed President Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s vision for the Customs Service to deliver the most convenient and fastest service possible to the public across all institutions. He noted the significant improvement brought about by the new automated system, which reduces the cargo clearance process from two days to just two hours, thus marking a major milestone in the Customs Service’s pursuit of efficiency and public service.

Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Abdullah Waheed, outlined the Air Cargo Automated Customs Clearance Mechanism as a key component of a broader strategy to enhance the services provided by the Customs in the realms of Customs Control and Trade Facilitation. He also mentioned the launch of the 14-week AEO program on January 29 and the implementation of an artificial intelligence system for the classification of goods, among other initiatives aimed at further developing the Customs operations within the same timeframe.

The automation of the cargo clearance system signifies a shift from the traditional manual processes to a more streamlined, transparent, and equitable service. The new system not only promises to speed up the clearance of goods through Velana International Airport but also ensures a more transparent process where declaration forms are assigned randomly among officers, guaranteeing uniformity in service delivery.

This initiative is a testament to the Maldives Customs Service’s dedication to embracing technology and innovation to meet the evolving needs of the trade and logistics sectors, positioning itself as a forward-thinking entity in the government’s administrative landscape.

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