Maldives Debuts Wind Energy Systems, Expands Renewable Portfolio

The Maldives has expanded its renewable energy infrastructure with the inauguration of its first-ever wind energy systems on Kaashidhoo, Kaafu Atoll. The launch coincided with the commencement of operational water supply networks on the island.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Dr Abdulla Muththalib emphasized the nation’s commitment to expanding its renewable energy sources. While the Maldives has established a strong track record in solar energy production, the Minister highlighted the need for diversification to ensure 24-hour electricity and enhanced energy security.

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“We must reduce our dependence on oil, especially in light of the volatile global economic climate,” said Minister Muththalib. “Diversifying our energy sources is critical for our nation’s sustainable future.”

Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives Wang Lixin also addressed the event, expressing confidence that the project would bring about positive improvements in the lives of residents across the five participating islands.

The Chinese-funded project is being implemented on Alifushi (Raa Atoll), Olhuvelifushi (Lhaviyani Atoll), Kelaa (Haa Alifu Atoll), and Dhaandhoo (Gaafu Alifu Atoll) in addition to Kaashidhoo. Each island is now equipped with a water supply system capable of producing 200 tonnes of water, along with a 200-kilowatt solar energy system. Uniquely, Kaashidhoo also boasts a wind energy generation system utilizing wind turbines, with a combined energy production target of 100 kilowatts of wind energy and 100 kilowatts of solar energy for each location.

The Maldives continues to explore and invest in alternative renewable energy sources such as wind energy and wave power as it strives towards a more sustainable energy future.

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