Maldives dominates as the most searched travel destination on Google in the UK

Photo Credits; Bangok Air

According to Google analytics in the UK, Maldives is the most searched or looked up travel destination when people plan to travel abroad to spend their vacation.

Reports in the media based on the analytics for the year 2016 released by Google, Maldives dominates the list followed by Malaga from Spain and Tenerife    in third, which is also a part of Spain. People in the UK also looks up countries such as Canada, Mexico and South Africa when trying to decide on where they would be travelling to spend their next vacation.

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The UK is one of the regions where most tourist come to the Maldives and according to the most recent statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism, it stated that until the end of October, 85,194 tourist s came in from the region and this is an 11.% increase from the same period from last year which totaled at 76,243.



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