Maldives Eases Lockdown In Greater Male’ Area, Commences Phase 1

Maldives will be easing lockdown in greater Male’ area with phase 1 where people will be allowed to go out for more hours and general businesses will be permitted to open from 28th May.

The first phase is to last for two weeks according to Health Minister Abdulla Ameen. Schools, government offices, cafes, and restaurants, as well as gyms and salons, are to remain closed during the first week.

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Phase 1 of the lockdown easement includes: 

-Maximum of three people from each household allowed to go out for up to three hours twice a week but they will still have to get a police permit beforehand.

– Businesses that can open include: Retail shops, Bakeries, Supermarkets, Bookshops, Pharmacies, Hardware shops, Shops specializing in childcare items.

-Specialty shops such as those selling cosmetics and textiles can also take orders online and provide delivery service.

-Banks allowed to provide essential services for three days a week in the first two weeks. In the second phase, banks can increase their service days to five a week.

-Restaurants and cafes to only be allowed to provide takeaway and delivery service in the first two weeks. However dine-in will not be allowed.

-Government offices will remain closed, but essential staff can go to office under special permits.

-Private offices can open for essential needs under a special permission from the economic ministry.

-Colleges and universities can resume online classes.

-Parks, beaches and recreation centres, as well as schools and mosques in capital Male’ and its suburbs will remain shut for the first two weeks.

-Transportation between islands will also remain banned.

-Flu clinic services will be available to the public.

Health officials highlighted that easing the lockdown measures do not mean that things will go back to normal. They further added that lockdown measures may have to be imposed again depending on how things unfold.

Maldives initially announced lockdown for 2 days with the first positive case from the capital on 15th April. It was followed extended later as the community spread increased.

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