Maldives Engages AIIB for Development Funding at COP28 UAE

In a strategic move to bolster the Maldives’ development, Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Moosa Zameer held a crucial meeting with the President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), H.E. Jin Liqun, at the sidelines of COP28 UAE. This high-level engagement marks a significant step towards securing vital funding for the country’s ambitious development agenda.

The meeting centred on exploring potential funding avenues to support President Dr Muizzu’s comprehensive development plan, especially in areas of infrastructure investment in major population centres. Key focus areas include Addu and Gdh. Thinadhoo, regional airports, and a pivotal transition to solar energy aligning with global sustainability goals.

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An important point of discussion was the completion and opening of the new terminal at Velana Airport by the 2024 tourist season. This project is critical for the sustained growth and expansion of the Maldives’ thriving tourism industry, a cornerstone of the nation’s economy.

The engagement with AIIB underscores the nation’s proactive approach to seeking international collaboration to meet its developmental and sustainability targets. The meeting at COP28 UAE not only highlights the Maldives’ dedication to sustainable development but also positions the nation to play a more active role in the global dialogue on climate change. 

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