Maldives Explores Future of Agriculture with New Vertical Farming Initiative

The Ministry of Agriculture in the Maldives has taken a significant step towards agricultural innovation by signing an agreement with VC Group, a private company, to initiate a pilot project for large-scale vertical farming. This project aligns with President Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s Week 14 road map and aims to explore the viability of vertical farming methods in the Maldives.

This initiative is part of the Maldivian government’s broader efforts to enhance food security and introduce modern agricultural techniques in a landlocked country like the Maldives.

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Set to be implemented in the HDh. region, specifically at the Agriculture Center in Hanimaadhoo, the project will focus on establishing three types of vertical hydroponics systems. These include a vertical A-frame plant growing system utilising the nutrient film technique already in use within the country. Additionally, the project will pilot pineapple tower systems and aeroponics tower systems, testing their effectiveness and productivity.

Vertical farming, which involves cultivating crops in vertically stacked layers or inclined surfaces, often in a controlled environment, is seen as an innovative solution to farming in space-limited areas, such as the Maldives. It has the potential to yield higher outputs compared to traditional farming methods.

The Maldivian Ministry of Agriculture has committed to introducing vertical farming systems to local farmers, leveraging the insights and data gathered from this project. The technical team’s findings will be instrumental in assessing the feasibility and scalability of these farming techniques for wider application across the Maldives.

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