Maldives Eyes Expanded Tourism Budget, Seeks New Markets

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal has outlined plans to bolster the nation’s tourism promotion budget in a bid to increase its global reach, the minister told state media.

Underlining the significance of marketing, the minister emphasized plans to secure higher funding for the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) as part of the state budget.

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In addition to enhanced overall marketing efforts, Minister Faisal revealed a strategy of targeted promotion focusing on individual atolls within the Maldives. The country is exploring new markets with strong tourism investment potential, Faisal said. He also highlighted plans for tailored campaigns to cater to the distinct guesthouse and resort sectors. The minister expressed optimism about substantial growth in tourism over the next five years.

The government’s focus on tourism appears to be paying off. Tourist arrivals reached a record high for the first quarter of this year, with over 600,000 visitors marking a significant milestone for the nation’s tourism industry.

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