Maldives Finance Forum 2019 Held on 22nd April

Photo : PSM News

Maldives Finance Forum, organized by The Maldives Pension Administration Office, was held in Paradise Island Resort on 22nd April. . The theme designated for 2019’s forum was “Engaging Private Sector for Social and Economic Development”.

The forum aims to create a platform which brings together leaders in the finance sector as a way of discussing possible and share their views. It enables the development of original ideas and creative solutions thereby educating industry’s stakeholders in identifying institutional, legal and regulatory matters.

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During the conference, Minister of Finance Hon. Ibrahim Ameer emphasized the importance of government offices and private companies working together in nurturing the country’s economic growth. In addition to the Minister’s speech, there were various presentations by industry experts and the experiences of three young businessmen on how their respective businesses prospered.

The Maldives Finance Forum which was launched in 2012, has continued consecutively and is now a widely acclaimed event with overwhelmingly positive responses.

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