Maldives Government Partners with Chinese Firm for Waste-to-Energy Project

Photo: Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy

The Maldives government has inked a memorandum of understanding today with China Tianying Inc. (CNTY) to bolster renewable energy efforts. The agreement, facilitated by the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy, focuses on establishing a renewable energy source derived from waste materials.

Under the two-year contract, CNTY will lend its industrial and technological expertise to support the Maldives’ socio-economic development goals. The collaboration will involve a Waste-to-Energy project aimed at enhancing environmental preservation, improving utility services, and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Minister Thoriq Ibrahim, representing the Maldives government, formally sealed the agreement, while De Biao Cao, President of CNTY, signed on behalf of the company. Emphasizing the importance of the initiative, Minister Thoriq highlighted its role in advancing national interests and safeguarding the environment.

CNTY’s President expressed confidence in the partnership, citing the company’s existing involvement in similar projects across the Maldives. The collaboration is expected to further strengthen bilateral cooperation between the Maldives and China.

Furthermore, the agreement includes provisions for human resource development initiatives, workshops, seminars, and internship opportunities, as outlined by the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy.

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