Maldives Holiday Collections Wins Gold and Silver at SATA Awards

The 7th annual South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) 2023, a prestigious event that recognises and celebrates excellence in the travel and tourism industry across South Asia, concluded successfully at the Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway, India, from October 9th to 10th.

SATA, known for its rigorous evaluation process, involves industry experts and international jury members from the Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The event saw the participation of distinguished figures from the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, including the Honorable Minister of Tourism, Maldives, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, and other stakeholders from the Maldives and South Asia.

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Ismail Hameed, President of SATA, emphasised the event’s significance, stating, “South Asian countries represented in SATA have the best to offer in the world. Each of you has made South Asian countries into desired destinations in the travel industry. Contributions from industry pioneers from respective nations have made a huge difference in the lives of people in our countries, and tourism today is a significant revenue source for the people.”

SATA has garnered endorsements from over 18 international and government agencies for its commitment to elevating tourism and hospitality in the region.

Maldives Holiday Collections, a prominent player in the travel and tourism sector, secured two prestigious awards at this year’s SATA Awards, and these awards were received on behalf of the Maldives Holiday Collections by our Chairman, Mr Shausha Aan Shafeeq; the two awards were:

Gold Award – Leading Floating Luxury Cruise/Safari: The company’s renowned cruise boat, the “Maldives Legend Sea Pleasure,” took home the Gold award for its exceptional luxury experience.

Silver Award – Leading Cruising Travel Agent: Recognised as the second-place winner in this category, Maldives Holiday Collections demonstrated its commitment to providing outstanding cruising services.

Message from Maldives Holiday Collections Leadership:

Mr Shausha Aan Shafeeq (Chairman): “We are truly honoured to receive these awards, which reflect our commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences to our guests. The Maldives is a jewel in the crown of South Asian tourism, and we are proud to contribute to its allure.”

Mr Hifnaz Jiffrey (Chief Executive Officer): “These awards are a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. As we look ahead, our vision is to continue redefining luxury travel in the Maldives. We aim to set new industry standards and create experiences that resonate with travellers worldwide.”

Mr. Ali Shujuaan Shafeeq (Director of Marketing): “Our marketing efforts have always revolved around showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of the Maldives. We are proud to be recognised for our contributions to the region’s travel industry and are excited to continue promoting the Maldives as a must-visit destination.”

The South Asian Travel Awards are pivotal in promoting South Asia’s travel and tourism industry and recognising the contributions of organisations like Maldives Holiday Collections that drive its success. The awards serve as a platform to showcase the latest trends and developments in the industry and facilitate networking opportunities for professionals to share ideas and insights.

Maldives Holiday Collections remains committed to delivering exceptional travel experiences and is grateful for the recognition received at SATA Awards 2023.

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