Maldives IGF Kicks Off with High-Level Panel Discussion

The first-ever Maldives Internet Governance Forum (Maldives IGF) commenced yesterday, June 16, at the Maldives National University (MNU) Main Campus. The forum, organized as a multi-stakeholder initiative, brings together participants from various sectors to discuss and address important issues surrounding Internet Governance.

The Maldives IGF adopts a hybrid format, allowing for both physical attendance and virtual participation through an online platform. This approach ensures inclusivity and enables a wider range of stakeholders to engage in the discussions and contribute their insights.

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The forum’s agenda covers a diverse range of topics related to Internet Governance. Some of the main areas of focus at the Maldives IGF 2023 include cybersecurity and resilience, bridging the digital divide, and combating misinformation while promoting freedom of expression. In-depth discussions centering around gendered online hate, censorship, internet shutdowns, net neutralization, public awareness, and misinformation aim to explore effective measures for creating safe, open, and inclusive digital spaces.

To kick off the Maldives IGF, a high-level panel discussion on “Shaping the Future of Internet Governance” took place. Esteemed figures and experts in the field shared their perspectives and insights on the trajectory of Internet Governance, setting the stage for the subsequent deliberations and workshops.

The Maldives IGF is a platform that aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among government representatives, civil society organizations, the private sector, technical experts, academia, and international organizations. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, the forum seeks to cultivate innovative ideas and develop inclusive policies that shape the future of the Internet.

The inaugural Maldives IGF is a significant milestone for the Maldives National University and the broader Internet Governance community. It provides a valuable opportunity to address pressing issues, explore solutions, and foster a collaborative environment that promotes a secure, accessible, and inclusive online ecosystem.

As the Maldives IGF progresses, participants will engage in various sessions, workshops, and dialogues to delve deeper into the challenges and opportunities in Internet Governance. The forum serves as a catalyst for constructive discussions and partnerships that aim to make a meaningful impact on the evolving digital landscape.

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