Maldives Immigration Awarded Prestigious IAIR Award

Photo by Maldives Immigration

Maldives Immigration has accepted the prestigious IAIR Award for ‘Most innovative high-security ePassports and eGates’ award during the official award ceremony in Milan, Italy, on Friday 24th March 2017.

The IAIR award was accepted on behalf of Maldives Immigration by Maldives Immigration Controller General, Mr. Mohamed Anwar and Deputy Controller Abdulla Algeen. The IAIR Awards are one of the world´s leading ranking systems where experts from all over the world select and recognize the best technologies and solutions.

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The Maldives Passport, re-designed and re-implemented in 2016, includes 27 advanced security features making it one of the most secure and advanced passports used anywhere in the world today. Every visa page on the passport has a unique creative design, and the passport includes highly secure polycarbonate data pages with laser engraving, contributing further to security and durability.

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