Maldives Immigration Extends Deadline for Work Visa

Maldives Immigration has extended the length of time for work visa payments, as a part of its efforts to resolve the restrictions being faced in settling visa fees.

According to Immigration within the extension period (July 15) no fines will be imposed. Also, those whose visa fees expired within the period between March 19 and August 31 will not be fined.

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The department is yet to arrange for online payments for other types of visas.

If migrants who are unable to extend their visas, wish to return home, they have been given the opportunity to submit the “Application for Emergency Departure” forms, by the 31st of August.

Further, immigration revealed that those who are in the Maldives on tourist and business visas may depart once the borders reopen, without the requirement to renew their visas. They may also submit the “IM34” forms.

Those who had their visas expired before March 19, ae required to forward the relevant documents required for visa renewal, through e-mail.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the department has also been opting for online services.

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