Maldives Immigration Introduces “Atoll Module”

Maldives Immigration has revealed a biometric system to monitor migrants living in islands of the country. The system, the first of its kind will permit officials and authorities to monitor migrants and categorise those living in the country undocumented.

The system named as “Atoll Module” was revealed by Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Saleem at a ceremony in the Immigration office.

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Immigration Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain speaking at the ceremony defined the system as the most comprehensive one established in the country and will be introduced phase by phase to be used in every island of the Maldives. According to controller General Hussain, facial recognition with the aid of biometrics will be used starting from June 2020.

A registry of migrants in islands will be designed from the information composed by the system, which will allow Immigration to monitor them even if they move within the Maldives. The system will also allow access to the location of a migrant worker in case of a need.

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