Maldives Immigration Restores E-Gate Service for Seamless Travel

Maldives Immigration has reinstated its e-gate service, introducing modernised features for added efficiency. The announcement was made via a post on X.

The immigration authorities have outlined a comprehensive procedure for utilising e-gate services. Passengers are required to approach the e-gate and input the barcode from their boarding pass; once it indicates a successful reading, individuals need to place the bio-data page of their passport on the designated screen.

The final step involves activating the gate by utilising the fingerprint previously registered during the passport handover process. This process aims to facilitate a smoother experience for travellers using the e-gate service.

According to immigration officials, reintroducing the e-gate service marks a significant improvement in passenger accessibility. This move comes after the temporary discontinuation of the service during the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Notably, the Maldives installed its first e-gate in January 2016, signalling a step towards modernising immigration procedures. Immigration authorities have also eliminated the need for Maldivians travelling abroad and arriving to fill out a travel declaration form, streamlining entry processes.

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