Maldives Immigration Updates Passport Collection Policy

Immigration Controller General Mohamed Sham’aan Waheed has announced a modification in the passport collection procedure. Effective immediately, applicants will no longer be required to present an ID card when collecting their passports.

The Maldives Immigration clarified that passports will be issued to applicants even if they do not have their ID card during the collection process. This adjustment aims to streamline service provision in alignment with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s vision.

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Under the revised guidelines, individuals collecting their electronic passports in person will not need to provide their ID card. For parents collecting passports for children under 18, verification will be conducted through a photograph of the parent’s ID card.

In the case of non-electronic and emergency passports, the owner collecting the passport is not required to present an ID card. However, if a third party is collecting the passport, a formal letter must include the serial number of the person collecting it.

This procedural update is implemented with the objective of enhancing efficiency and accessibility in passport services. It reflects the commitment of Maldives Immigration to providing straightforward processes for passport applicants.

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