Maldives Invites Subscriptions for Over MVR 2 Billion in Treasury Bills

The Ministry of Finance has issued an invitation to subscribe to treasury bills worth over MVR 2 billion.

According to the notice publicised by the Ministry on Wednesday, the government is offering treasury bills, or T-bills, worth about MVR 2.02 billion.

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The T-bills up for subscription include:

  • an MVR 40 million T-bill which matures in 28 days, 
  • an MVR 240 million T-bill which matures in 98 days, 
  • an MVR 135 million T-bill which matures in 182 days, and 
  • an MVR 1.6 billion T-bill which matures in 364 days. 

The interest range for the securities range from 3.50 percent to 4.60 percent.

Treasury bills are a financial instrument sold by central banks to meet government budget financing requirements with a fixed interest rate and a maturity period of less than one year.

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