Maldives is opening the first underwater hotel


Taking tourism where it has never gone before, the Maldives is opening the first underwater hotel. The hotel is due to open at Zen Resort at Kuredhivaru Maldives. a huge milestone in the tourism sector for the country and in the world as well.

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The Maldives is home to many such firsts. In a country mostly covered by the ocean this was bound to be inevitable. The world’s first underwater spa, and the underwater restaurant opened in the Maldives as well.

Developed by a Polish company, called Deep Ocean Technologies, with the technology tested and proven safe right here in the Maldives is set to have 22 rooms and is situated 6 meters under the water. It is a disc shaped hotel with a pillar running down the middle that houses an elevator and staircase to take you above the ocean and is equipped with all the luxuries that a normal Maldivian resort can offer.

The dream of waking up to a literal underwater ocean view with the multicolored corals and kaleidoscopic array of shoals of fish swimming around is set to become a reality for many holiday goers.

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