Maldives Joins Global Fibre Cable Network, Ushering in Digital Transformation

The Maldives has successfully connected to the international fibre cable system, this development was marked by the inauguration of the Ocean Connect Maldives-India Asia Express (OCM-IAX) Submarine Cable System in Hulhumal√©. 

For the first time, the nation is now linked directly to the global submarine cable network. This connection, as noted by President Solih, symbolises the dawn of a new digital era for the Maldivian people, bridging the gap between the East and West in terms of technology and trade.

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The connection is anticipated to bring manifold advantages for internet service providers in the country. Enhanced connectivity promises not only to make internet access swifter and smoother for consumers but also to potentially reduce the costs associated with these services.

Building on the President’s remarks, beyond the immediate digital benefits, the cable connection could also significantly elevate the delivery of high-quality healthcare services and support the operation of satellite schools. The embrace of such advanced digital technology is, furthermore, seen as a step towards bolstering environmental conservation measures.

Driven by the Ministry of Economic Development, this venture marks a transformative moment for the Maldives in terms of technological and socio-economic progress. The system’s robust design promises over eight times the present capacity, positioning it to cater to the nation’s digital demands for the forthcoming two decades. This strategic initiative aims to diversify the Maldivian economy and anchors the nation as a pivotal communications hub in South Asia.

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