Maldives Journalists Association Holds First Executive Committee Meeting

Maldives Journalists Association (MJA) has held the first executive committee meeting on 8th September after the elections.

Mohamed Hamdhoon was elected MJA president with Ali Rifshan as his vice. Ahmed Naif and Nazim Hassan are the new general secretary and budget secretary, respectively, while Mohamed Junaid Saleem and Fathmath Saya Ahmed were elected executive committee members.

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The most important conclusion made at the meeting was completing the first stage of rectifying the Association’s basic guidelines, which is opening the opportunity to ordinary members and journalists to suggest changes. It is an aim of the new executive committee to bring modern changes to the guidelines with the views of members.

It was also decided in the meeting to include 4 permanent committees. They are Foreign Relations Committee; Admin and Media Relations Committee; Research and Advocacy Committee; and Programs and Fund Raising. These committees will work under the leadership of the executive committee members. The association announces that interested members and journalists can apply to be a committee member.

MJA is a non-governmental organisation that represents Maldivian journalists. MJA has been raising voice for free media in Maldives. The association aims to safeguard the freedom of press, free speech and work for the welfare of journalists.

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