Maldives Not Exempted From UK’s Global Travel Advisory List – British High Commission

Maldives has not been exempted from UK’s Global Travel Advisory list, British High Commission of Maldives confirmed.

A statement released by the high commission states that the process for considering countries takes into account a range of factors, including the prevalence of the virus but also the entry requirements, local restrictions, availability of transport options, quarantine requirements, and the capacity of local healthcare.

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Maldives has not been exempted from the Global Travel Advisory or border restrictions at this stage. The first view is part of a gradual and ongoing process to open up the borders and UK hopes to add other countries to the list as situation improves, it read.

The statement also said that the UK government recognizes the great importance to the economy of Maldives, and the popularity of Maldives as one of the UK’s top five long-haul destinations among British tourists.

The British High Commissioner to Maldives said: “I have remained in Maldives throughout the pandemic and seen the tremendous work done to respond COVID-19 by the government of Maldives, health workers and other public services directly involved, and the tourism industry. Testing, tracing and containment have been efficient, and tourists affected have been well looked-after. The number of COVID cases in Maldives has been steadily reducing and restrictions in the country have eased in recent weeks.”

“I hope that Maldives will soon meet the UK’s conditions required for an easing of travel advice and border measures, and am grateful to the Government for providing high-quality and detailed information on the situation, and on plans to re-open to tourists from 15 July that were agreed with the tourism industry,” he further added. “What is vital now is that the measures in place to control the virus remain robust and succeed in ensuring that the downward trajectory of cases continues, and is not reversed, as measures ease further. We can all play a part in ensuring that is the case.”

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