Maldives Opens Applications for Leases on Uninhabited Islands for Local Councils

The Maldives Land and Survey Authority (MLSA) has invited applications from local councils seeking to lease designated uninhabited islands for research and social development purposes. This opportunity arises from the “Regulation on the Allotment of Uninhabited Islands for Uses Other than Fisheries, Agriculture and Economic Purposes,” gazetted in 2023.

The MLSA has announced the availability of 25 specific uninhabited islands for allocation to eligible councils. A detailed list of the islands, including their area in hectares, has been released as part of the announcement. To secure a lease, councils must submit a proposal outlining their intended use for the land.

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In accordance with the regulation, preference will be given to councils seeking to utilize islands within their jurisdiction or within the same Atoll. The allocation of these islands will be determined by agreements between the government and the council, with the consent of islands within the Atoll.

The regulation targets uninhabited islands within 700 meters of residential areas, allowing councils to repurpose potentially underutilized land. This initiative aims to facilitate research and social projects benefiting local communities within the Maldives.

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