Maldives Records 1,143 Operational Tourist Facilities

Photo: W Maldives

The Ministry of Tourism’s latest daily statistics, released on Wednesday, reveal a rise in the number of operational tourist facilities in the Maldives.

As of December 26, the data indicates an increase from 1,135 to 1,143 operational tourist accommodation facilities. These facilities are located across 113 islands in 20 atolls, with hotels operational on eight islands in eight atolls.

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Presently, 61,602 tourist beds are available across these facilities, including 176 resorts, 807 guesthouses, 14 hotels, and 146 live-aboard vessels.

Breaking down the bed distribution, the figures reveal 43,279 beds in resorts, 1,940 in hotels, 13,609 in guesthouses, and 2,774 in live-aboard vessels currently in operation.

The Maldives has a total capacity of 1,147 tourist facilities, which includes 146 safari vessels, 807 guesthouses, 14 hotels, and 180 resorts. Notably, this implies that four resorts are yet to resume operations from the overall facility capacity.

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