Maldives Records 5.2% Increase in Fish Exports October End

The Maldives recorded a 5.2% increase in fish exports, amounting to 63,071.4 tonnes by the conclusion of October this year, according to data released by the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA). This signifies positive growth compared to last year when total fish exports were 59,952.4 metric tonnes.

The breakdown of fish exports reveals that Skipjack Tuna was the leading variety, constituting 44,102 metric tonnes. Yellowfin tuna accounted for 6,454 metric tonnes, while 10,613 metric tonnes comprised canned and poached fish.

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In September of this year, the international market recorded skipjack tuna for MVR 27.8 per kilogram.

This data indicates a positive trend in the Maldives’ fish export industry, reflecting growth both in overall quantity and the distribution of various fish types.

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