Maldives Records Over 92,000 Arrivals in January, Russian Market in the Lead

As per the statistics revealed by the Ministry of Tourism, Maldives has welcomed 92,103 tourist arrivals in January 2021.

Furthermore, the Ministry also identified Russia as the top source market for tourist arrivals to the country in the month. Over 20,000 Russian tourists visited the Maldives this January, making up 22.8% of total arrivals thus far. Closely followed was the Indian market with over 19,000 tourist arrivals and 20.8% market share. Other major source markets to Maldives include Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, France, Germany, UK, USA and Switzerland.

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Ministry of Tourism has also revealed that 614 tourist establishments are currently in operation, as of 31st January 2020. This includes 144 resorts and marinas, 11 hotels, 135 safari vessels, and 324 guesthouses; adding up to 43,320 beds.

Notable scheduled international flights are currently in operation in the country, such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Aeroflot, Indigo, Go Air, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Etihad Airways, and Air France.

Maldives reopened borders to all nationalities from 15th July 2020. All visitors are granted a 30-day free on-arrival visa with a confirmed booking for a stay at any registered tourist facility in the country.

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