Maldives Sets Record with Highest Single-Day Arrivals This Year

On February 3, the Maldives experienced a significant boost in its tourism sector, with nearly nine thousand tourists arriving on the islands, marking the highest number of tourist arrivals in a single day this year. The total count for the day stood at 8,900, showcasing a notable increase in the attraction of the Maldives as a premier holiday destination.

Following this record, the next highest single-day tourist arrival figure for the year was recorded on February 8, with 8,032 visitors. Prior to this, the third-highest influx of tourists in a single day occurred on January 13, with 7,703 tourists arriving in the Maldives.

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China has emerged as the leading source of tourist arrivals in the Maldives for the year, contributing 28,304 visitors so far. Italy followed as the second-largest contributor, with 23,749 tourists, while Russia ranked third, bringing in 21,399 tourists to the islands.

In total, the Maldives has welcomed 236,730 tourists this year, indicating a robust recovery and growth in the tourism sector. This trend demonstrates the Maldives’ enduring appeal as a top travel destination, renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxury resorts.

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