Maldives-Sri Lanka Cable Lands in Hulhumale’, Aimed at Strengthening Digital Eco-System of Maldives

The Maldives-Sri Lanka Cable (MSC), has successfully landed in the Maldives, connecting the coastal areas of Colombo to Hulhumale’. This cable is a system composed of a Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) subsystem and an 863-kilometer fibre optic cable. 

The MSC is being deployed as per a tripartite agreement between Dhiraagu Plc, Ooredoo Maldives Plc and Dialog AXIATA Plc, for the transport of international traffic and to further enhance the telecommunication infrastructure of the region. It is equipped with Huawei Marine Networks’ high-output titanium housing repeaters deployed to a water depth of 3,700m to provide a reliable regional telecommunications network. 

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Interconnected to domestic networks, the increased capacity would greatly strengthen the digital ecosystem within the country and support the growing digital transformation needs of people and businesses.

“I would like to thank both Internet Service Providers for their continuous commitment in strengthening the digital eco-system of the country. As we mark an important milestone, I am confident that with the successful completion of this project we are paving the way to further strengthen the digital infrastructure of our island nation and increase diversity,” stated Minister of Communication, Science and Technology Mr. Mohamed Maleeh Jameel.

Since the development of the ongoing pandemic, communities and businesses are digitizing their services to create a safer environment and continue everyday lives, which has increased the need and demand for even higher quality internet services. 

This USD 22 million project aims to support the growing need of local communities and businesses, to realize the benefits of this digital age. The project will also support and increase the network readiness to provide revolutionary 5G services throughout the nation, which will connect the people of the Maldives to groundbreaking new technologies and pave the way for innovation, ultimately building the foundation for socio-economic development across the nation.

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