Maldives to Expand Air Connectivity with 15 New Domestic Airports

At the Invest Maldives Forum in China, the government announced plans to construct 15 additional domestic airports, aiming to boost air connectivity in the country. Chinese investors and companies attending the forum showed keen interest in this development, along with other investment opportunities.

Maldives, seeking investors for 11 projects, highlighted key areas such as the Addu Bridge Project, Kaadedhdhoo-Thinadhoo connectivity, Ihavandhippolhu Atoll’s development, renewable energy, and the transport sector. The decision to build more domestic airports has sparked interest, though specific locations are yet to be disclosed.

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Currently, there are 16 domestic airports in the Maldives, and the government’s recent statement revealed plans for an airport in F. Nilandhoo, with MTCC entrusted for the survey and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for land reclamation.

The government’s broader vision includes expanding air transport services, enhancing existing domestic airports, and developing Velana International Airport to handle 25 million passengers annually. The national airline is also gearing up to increase international flights using widebody aircraft, emphasising a comprehensive approach to aviation development.

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