Maldives to Replace Outdated Submarine Cable

Minister of Communications, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamal, noted that the Submarine Communication Cable between Maldives and India had become outdated and would be renewed by the end of 2020, on Saturday.

The upgraded cable connection would greatly benefit the country and its telecommunication sector, according to a tweet by the minister.

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Local media Mihaaru reports the cable length at 840 kilometres and will be laid at a depth of 3,700 metres underwater.

Earlier in February, telecommunication giants Dhiraagu and Ooredoo Maldives signed an agreement to lay a second submarine cable. The companies signed a multiparty agreement to lay an International Fibre Optic Submarine Cable System between Maldives and Sri Lanka. The project was handed over to Huawei International Pvt Ltd.

The new fibre optic submarine cables are expected to significantly improve bandwidth locally and internationally, strengthening network connectivity across Maldives.

The two telecom companies commenced their first submarine cable projects in 2011 and 2016 respectively.

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