Maldives-Türkiye Dialogue Highlights Prospects for Zero-Percent Tariff Trade

The Maldives government has engaged in discussions with Türkiye concerning the possibility of exporting 214 different commodities to Turkey at a zero percent tariff rate. 

These talks took place during the second meeting regarding the Free Trade Agreement between the two nations.

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During the meeting, the Maldivian government expressed its interest in exporting these items to Turkey and requested permission for such exports. This move comes as part of ongoing efforts to bolster trade relations between the Maldives and Türkiye.

It is noteworthy that Türkiye, in addition to entering into a Free Trade Agreement with the Maldives, has also extended military assistance to the island nation. Previously, Turkey supplied military drones to the Maldives, aimed at enhancing the country’s security measures.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, upon assuming office, made Türkiye his first official visit, underscoring the importance of bilateral ties. During this visit, discussions between President Muizzu and the Turkish president centered on strengthening the relationship between the two nations.

In another significant announcement, the Maldives government has indicated its intention to establish a free trade agreement with China, further diversifying its trade partnerships.

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