Maldives’ Unemployment Figure Over 10,000!

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics of Maldives show that the unemployment figure in the country is over 10,000.

The statistics reveal that a total of 10,127 individuals are unemployed in Maldives. Of this, the majority of unemployed are male, at 6,422. Meanwhile, 3,704 women are unemployed.

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Additionally, 6.1 percent of the resident population in the capital city Male’ is unemployed, while 4.4 percent of the rural island population is unemployed.

The number of employed workers in the country stands at 181,144. Of this, 93,618 work in Male’ and 87,526 work in the local islands. Further, the number of employed men is 107,426, while the number of working women stands at 73,717.

The statistics also show that the number of female employees that earn a monthly salary of less than MVR 10,000 is greater than that of males. However, the number of male employees that earn a monthly salary higher than MVR 10,000 is greater than female employees.

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