Maldives Updates Energy Roadmap, Prioritizing Sustainable Transition

The Maldives has taken a significant step towards its sustainable energy goals, hosting a stakeholder consultation workshop to revise its energy roadmap. This endeavour, led by the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), aligns with the nation’s pledge to achieve 33% renewable energy integration by 2028, initially announced at COP28.

The workshop brought together energy sector experts to address key challenges and opportunities in the Maldives’ pursuit of a just energy transition. H.E. Thoriq Ibrahim, Minister of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy, opened the workshop, stating, “The Energy Road Map will serve as a guide to help the Maldives shift its energy sector and broaden the scope of its key economic activities.”

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Dr. Sujata Gupta, Director of Energy at ADB, delivered a keynote address, followed by the official launch of the ASSURE project (Accelerating Sustainable System Development Using Renewable Energy). This initiative supports the Maldives’ sustainability goals. Minister Ibrahim and Mr. Jaimes Kolantharaj, Senior Energy Specialist at ADB, jointly presided over the launch ceremony.

Workshop discussions spanned topics such as solarization targets, promoting social benefits from the energy transition, strategies for renewables integration, and mobilizing private sector involvement. A panel discussion focused on uniting the country behind national energy objectives.

Dr. Muaviyath Mohamed, Minister of State for Climate Change, Environment, and Energy, offered closing remarks, reiterating the government’s dedication to a sustainable energy future. The outcomes of this workshop will significantly shape the Maldives’ updated energy roadmap, guiding the nation toward a cleaner and more resilient energy system.

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