Maldivian Government Prioritizes Local Talent in Key Sectors

The Government has announced a new policy reserving certain jobs exclusively for Maldivians. This move, advised by the Cabinet and stemming from a proposal by the Ministry of Higher Education, aims to nurture and develop Maldivian youth in various specialized fields.

The policy primarily targets sectors where Maldivian youth have shown exceptional talent, interest, and promise. These include boat building, carpentry, hairstyling and beauty, resort music and bands, customer service, and several managerial positions in housekeeping, front office, and human resources, as well as roles like diving instructors and tour guides.

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This initiative, announced during a press conference by Abdulla Nazim Ibrahim, the Principal Secretary to the President on Public Policy, highlights the government’s commitment to empowering local talent. The relevant agencies have been directed to focus on training Maldivians, ensuring that they are well-prepared to excel in these specialized vocations.

The implementation of this policy will be phased, with an emphasis on developing skill sets that align with the demands of these sectors. This strategic move is expected to prevent the decline of Maldivians in these critical areas, boosting not only individual careers but also contributing significantly to the national economy.

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