Maldivian Launches Streamlined Travel with Throughfare Service

Maldives’ national airline, Maldivian, has announced the introduction of a new throughfare service. This will allow passengers to streamline their travel experience by connecting domestic routes within the Maldives archipelago to international destinations, including Dhaka, Bangalore, and Colombo.

With this initiative, travellers can conveniently book both domestic and international legs of their journey under a single itinerary. This simplifies the process and eliminates the need for separate ticket purchases.

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Maldivian’s throughfare service also offers passengers added benefits. These include up to a five percent discount on fares, as well as an allowance for check-in luggage on the domestic segment that aligns with their international flight baggage allowance.

The airline has plans to expand the throughfare service in the future, with the addition of Trivandrum and Cochin. Passengers can easily access and book this service on the airline’s website, mobile app, its ticketing office, and through authorized sales agents.

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