Maldivian Passport Deemed Strongest in South Asia Once Again!

The Maldivian passport has been deemed strongest in South Asia region for the third consecutive year. Henley Passport Index revealed that the Maldives holds the top spot for the South Asian region, illuminating all Maldivian passport holders can travel to 85 countries without having to need a visa.

The nation ranks 62nd in the overall list publicized by Henley Passport Index. The list ranks 110 passports from across the world based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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Moreover, Maldives Immigration also announced details of countries the passport holders can travel to without needing an on-arrival visa.

Some of the neighboring countries include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and many more. The popularized list also included 4 European countries, 26 nations on the African continent, 11 countries from Oceania, 15 countries from the Caribbean along with 7 destinations in the Americas and 4 countries in the Middle-East.

President Solih’s administration has been vocal regarding strengthening foreign relations with countries in order to increase convenience for citizens traveling abroad. Countries that are averse to offering on-arrival visas, such as Russian and United Arab Emirates, now provide on-arrival tourist visas to Maldivian passport holders.

Thailand has also begun offering on-arrival visa to Maldivian passport holders during President Solih’s administration.

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