Maldivian to Expand International Flight Operations with Boeing 787 Lease

Maldivian, operated by Island Aviation Services Limited (IASL), has announced its intention to lease a Boeing 787-8 aircraft. This decision highlights Maldivian’s commitment to expanding its global reach and enhancing passenger experience.

The dry lease, which allows Maldivian to operate the aircraft without crew, maintenance, or insurance provided by the lessor, opens opportunities for interested parties to submit their bids for delivering the aircraft under the terms specified by the company. The bidding process is set to remain open until the 25th of this month, with a deadline at 14:30.

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A key requirement for the Boeing 787-8, known for its long-range capabilities and advanced features, is the inclusion of both economy and business classes. The business class must comprise at least 15-20 seats, indicating Maldivian’s focus on catering to both luxury and economy segments of the market.

The Boeing 787-8, with a seating capacity of 250 and an impressive range of 14,200 km, is an ideal choice for Maldivian’s vision of expanding its international flight services. This acquisition aligns with the airline’s objective to enhance connectivity and offer more travel options to its passengers, potentially opening new routes and destinations.

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