Maldivian Trade Delegation Set for Landmark Visit to the United States

Economic and Trade Minister Mohamed Saeed has announced a significant diplomatic achievement, with the United States extending an invitation to a Maldivian trade delegation for a visit. This marks a notable advancement in the bilateral relations between the two countries. 

In addition to fostering international trade relations, Minister Saeed also mentioned his recent meeting with the US Trade Representative. A key topic of discussion was the introduction of PayPal services in Maldives, suggesting a keen interest in enhancing digital financial connectivity in the region.

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The expansion of the cargo terminal at VIA from an annual capacity of 50,000 tonnes to 120,000 tonnes was also a focal point of Saeed’s address. He underlined that this expansion is just the beginning, with plans to further increase the capacity to 300,000 tonnes, in line with President Muizzu’s vision. This expansion is expected to significantly boost the Maldives’ capabilities in handling increased air cargo, thereby benefiting both the domestic economy and international trade.

Minister Saeed emphasised that these developments are not just about enhancing physical infrastructure. He stressed the importance of collaborative efforts to facilitate the arrival of air cargo to the Maldives. This approach underlines the government’s commitment to not only improving its physical trade facilities but also to fostering a conducive environment for international trade and commerce.

Overall, these developments indicate the Maldivian Government’s dedication to expanding its global trade footprint and enhancing its economic infrastructure. The opportunity for the trade delegation to visit the United States, along with the expansion of VIA’s cargo terminal, are significant strides towards achieving these goals.

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