Maldivians in Bangladesh, Nepal to be Evacuated

Foreign Ministry of Maldives has announced that the government will be evacuating Maldivian students who registered to return from Nepal and Bangladesh.

The Ministry said that 18 locals from Nepal and 51 from Bangladesh will be evacuated on April 20.

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The Maldivians in Kathmandu and other areas of Bangladesh are being consolidated to Dhaka by Bangladesh military aircraft. The locals in Nepal will travel to Dhaka on 19th April to travel back to the Maldives.

The evacuation procedure is a result of extensive discussions between the two governments.

Foreign Ministry informs that a group of 10 medical professional team from Bangladesh will also arrive in the Maldives along with the students. In addition to this, a Bangladeshi naval vessel is set to arrive in the Maldives carrying 100 tonnes of aid during next week.

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