Maldivians no longer need visa to travel to the UAE

Maldivians will no longer need a visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates from 1st January onwards.

Mr Ahmed Khaleel, state minister of Foreign ministry, announced that necessary arrangements have been completed by the government of UAE. He also stated that all airlines have also been notified regarding the visa-less travels.

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The announcement was initially reported after the diplomatic visit of Foreign Minister Honourable Abdhulla Shahid to the UAE.

Mr Ahmed Khaleel reported that passengers with passports of all categories, whether it is a diplomatic, ordinary or official passport, will be allowed to travel to the UAE without a visa starting tomorrow. As for the business visa, the procedure will go according to the protocol, explained Mr Khaleel.

As mentioned by the State Minister, the ministry has always been working on arranging visa less travels abroad, and that the negotiations with other nations will continue in succession.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Honourable Abdhulla Shahid has also reached agreements with India regarding visa for Maldivians to travel to India, during his recent diplomatic visit.

Despite the difficulties aroused during the former administration in the availability of visa for Maldivians to travel to India, the Foreign Ministry has signed with Indian diplomats in order for easier access to travel for medical, tourism and commercial purpose.

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