Maldivians Scramble For Most Needed Grocery Supplies Amid Lockdown

As Maldivians continue adapting to life on lockdown, there has been a surge in the struggle for getting essential items.

Sales of supermarkets are soaring so much that they are unable to meet the demands. Public has raised up concerns as their orders are unattended.

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What are the most demanded products?

Since lockdown measures were put in place, the food trends seen in the Maldives are stockpiling, a return to comfort foods, even a sudden obsession with baking bread—have in fact appeared worldwide, shifting global supply chains in the process.

Maldivians who once used to spend most times at coffee shops and ordered home delivery are not considering to order. It maybe a way of eating through the crisis eating or maybe because Ramadan is coming up, people are busy stockpiling the necessary groceries.

Fruits and Vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables consumed by the Maldivians for Ramadan are brought from islands in Maldives. However, with the travel ban in effect within the country, the local farmers are unable to send their products to Male’ which has led to a shortage on supply, increasing the prices significantly.

Fish, Chicken and Meat Products

While chicken and meat products are ordered through the leading supermarkets like Happy Market, United Food Suppliers, STO etc, the demand for tuna is high. Canned tuna is one of the highly demanded products, specially for Ramadan. Local companies like Enzi, Maandhoo Mas and MIFCO are trying their best to cater to the orders.

MIFCO, for the safety of its employees and customers, have suspended the delivery of fish cans. However, registered stores will be accessible to their services from Hulhumale’ and Maafaanu MIFCO stores.

While Horizon Fisheries is continuing to do home deliveries during the lockdown period, Enzi has urged their customers to place orders in large quantities.

Rice, Wheat Products

Due to the increased demand, corner shops and retail shops have been running out of stock of the rice and wheat products. However, State Trading Organization (STO) has assured availability of adequate stock of the staple foods and has been continuously distributing these among the stores in greater Male’ area.

Bread is another product highly consumed by the local community, however with the closure of bakeries amid the lockdowns, households are now attempting to bake bread. Easy recipes are shared among friends and family and with the ample time people are left with being stranded at home, baking has been taken not just as a hobby, but as a necessity too in these desperate times.

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