Management of Water and Sewerage System in K. Gulhi Handed Over to STELCO

STELCO has been handed the management of the water and sewerage system established in K. Gulhi.

At a ceremony held on the island, the service was inaugurated by Managing Director of STELCO Hassan Mughnee.

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With this service, STELCO will provide all utility services in Gulhi, including water, sewerage and electricity services.

Speaking at yesterday’s ceremony, Mughnee said Gulhi is the first island to begin water and sewerage services as part of the government’s pledge to establish water and sewerage services in all islands of the Maldives. The project commenced in 2019.

The MD of STELCO added that Gulhi is engaged in tourism and the renovation of vessels, and that providing water and sewerage services will benefit the island’s economy.

“We are delighted to be able to provide these two services to the island. This is the first island to begin water and sewerage services as part of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s pledge. This service will also benefit the island’s economy,” he said.

Two 40-ton RO plants and a rainwater treatment plant have been installed under Gulhi’s water and sewerage system project. Three 200-ton water tanks have also been installed to store water.

STELCO said 181 parties have registered for water connections so far. So far, 75 parties have registered for sewerage services.

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