HDC to Host Webinar on Home Based Gardening

A webinar on home-based gardening is being organized by Housing Development Corporation in association with Uthema.

The webinar discusses a pathway for ensuring food sovereignty and revitalizing communities.
It is moderated by Samha Naseer of Housing Development Corporation.

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The expert Panelists for this episode includes:
• Khadeeja Hamid (Uthema)
• Ahmed Niyaz (Miyaheli Home Gardening Project)
• Dr. Aminath Shafia (Ministry of Fisheries Marine resources and Agriculture)
• Abdulla Firaq (Housing Development Corporation)

The webinar will take place on 24th June at 20:30 local time.
Registration is now open for the webinar by the link: buff.ly/3fBlMp5
The Webinar will be shown live on Facebook

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